why t-shirts? April 04, 2015 09:33

Ever since we launched Shine Your Light, we've been asked a ton of questions about how we came up with the idea and why we chose t-shirts. There is entirely too long story about how God brought this journey into our lives, but we're thinking maybe we should share it in video form one day because it would be a long read. For now, we just want to share with you why we chose t-shirts.

I had been hand-lettering for a few months, not sure where it would lead. I thought about having some of the artwork printed as wall art. But the more I lettered, the more I began to realize I could eventually cover every inch of our house with these pieces of artwork because every piece meant something.

I've always had a passion for fashion so it wasn't long before I started thinking I could put these lettering pieces on t-shirts rather than art prints. My collection could be much bigger this way, and I could change things out based on what inspired me each specific day.

Our mission is to use these positive messages and scriptures to spread the Gospel. T-shirts are worn everywhere, and not just kept in your house, so what better way to allow the message to spread? We hope that these t-shirts are conversation starters. We hope these t-shirts provide encouragement to you and spark a sense of curiosity for those that don't fully understand the Gospel or have never heard it. These t-shirts are messages about God that can go out into the entire world, and you are the messenger.

Every time you wear a positive message it's a chance to inspire or encourage someone else, to spark hard and meaningful conversations, and to even encourage or remind yourself what it means to live a life with Christ every day. If the clothing you wear is an expression of yourself, then clothe yourself in positive messages and scriptures. Boldly declare your faith in front of everyone.

So, we took a  leap of faith and decided to launch a t-shirt company trusting that God can use even a simple t-shirt to further His kingdom and impact lives. We are so thankful to be a part of this and we hope you are too. We want to create more than just an awesome t-shirt brand, we want to gather a community of believers that have a desire to be messengers to this world, and to shine the light of Christ that lives within them.


Blessings, Jess.